Woman Flyfishers Club 
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The Woman Fyfishers Club, Inc. was founded in 1932 by dedicated anglers and passionate conservationists committed to both enjoying and preserving a critical natural resource.  It is the club’s purpose to cultivate, further and practice the art of scientific angling and to encourage in all ways the protection and propagation of the fishery we all rely upon.  We accomplish this by instilling an awareness in our members of the fragility of our surrounding ecosystems, partnering with conservation-focused organizations to share critical information on current environmental matters and always approaching our challenging sport as a compassionate pursuit.  Since our earliest days, members of the WFF have been quite successful in raising public awareness of conservation concerns and motivating elected officials to do something about it.  We strive to bring in new members to our club, both young and old, to share in this tradition and pass on the legacy of stewardship of this commons – our watersheds are the life-blood for our entire community, both human and non-human.  By our own example, we dedicate our club to the preservation of the environment.

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